CCME’s State Programs & Services Division works collaboratively with state Medicaid agencies to create innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to help control expenditures and better utilize their limited resources. Our solutions are based on a core set of modules which offer an array of services that can be customized according to each customer’s needs and preferences. These modules include:

  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Review & Assessment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Education & Support
  • Database Design & Management
  • Stakeholder Interface
  • Reporting

Our current work involves utilization review, external quality review, focused care studies, quality assurance and quality improvement activities, and compliance audits. By combining our extensive Medicaid experience with expert data analysis of work outcomes, we also provide policy support to state agencies. This policy support assists agencies in ensuring the right care is provided to the right person.

For additional information about our services and how we can help you meet your individual needs,
contact Leslie Meilhon, director of state programs and services, at 919-380-9860, ext. 2026, or